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Travel Marketing For 2021/2022

Travel Surveys is Already Forecasting Travel Trends for post Covid-19 Millions of people are already searching for travel arrangements and destinations to visit once Covid-19 is under control. Consumers are ready to commit to more travel days in 2022, including more cruise vacationss (and, considerably more river cruises), more all-inclusive resorts, family vacations, more flights, hotels, car rentals ... and the potential volume from a pent-up desire to travel is increasing DAILY!

With 19 MILLION UNIQUE VISITORS in 2019, and 67 MILLION pageviews across our network of 1300+ travel-focused websites, and a 9+ MILLION traveler email databse, we are forecasting a blockbuster return to monthly levels of 40-50% ABOVE 2019 levels, as the desires of over 100 million American travelerss point to somewhat of a "rollover" of 2020/2021 canceled leisure travel booking, into 2022!

And, with supplier competition expected to be higher than ever this year, we are offering travel suppliers and destination tourism bureaus an effective way to reach millions of travel consumers in their travel niche. Imagine knowing that tens of thousands of cruisers will be sailing with a competitor because......? Or, that groups and conventions that were planning on going to your destination in 2019 are now planning on going to a competitive market, because....? Our Travel Surveys conducted over the past 3 months clearly show the expected explosion coming in 2022, with 2021 dependent upon when vaccinations are at the point of availability to the general public.

Travel Surveys

So how can you reach these travel consumers?

According to 58% of leisure travelers go on one to two trips per year, but 82% expect to ADD AT LEAST one additional leisure trip in the year following a "return to normalcy". And, they do a lot of online research before booking those trips!

Online Travel Marketing Statistics from Bing Research (during a 6-month period in 2019)


33 million people searched for airline tickets or reservations.
- 24 million people bought airline tickets or reservations.

29 million people searched for hotel or motel reservations.
- 22 million people booked hotel or motel reservations.

16 million people searched for vacation packages.
- 6 million people bought a vacation package.

14 million people searched for car rentals.
- 11 million people rented a car.

10 million people searched for cruises.
- 3 million people booked a cruise.

Smart Traveler Marketing Tip

Traditionally, most travel consumers plan far ahead, but, post Covid-19, in addition to that trend continuing, last-minute travel will EXPLODE. Although the "Post-Covid" dates of returning to a semblance of normalcy is unknown, travel suppliers able to more quickly accommodate the increased travel demand will benefit greatly, and can get a leg up on the competition for years to come!

According to Travel Surveys "Mobile vs. Desktop Booking Trends", women account for 62% of all travel-related searches and 65% of all click-throughs, and are the decisive purchaser 61% of the time! Travel consumers making most mobile travel searches are looking for ideas and to compare prices, while most desktop travel searchers are at, or near, the final purchase and booking phase! A recent Google study confirmed our own Travel Surveys "Mobile vs. Desktop Booking Trends" survey, which said 85-90% of bookings happen on desktop.

Cruises searches and bookings traditionally peak in January, but this January is anything but traditional. We are now forecasting for early 4th quarter of 2021 to be the "return" to the travel booking volumes seen in 2019, with gains of 10-12% month over month until March/April 2022, leveling out at booking volumes approaching 150% of 2019 levels for the remainder of the year.

Most important note to travel suppliers - HEALTH SAFETY IS THE #1 CONCERN (and REQUIREMENT before booking) mentioned by travelers anxious to get on with their "usual" (and, increased) consumption of travel.

With many Google travel keywords bidding as high as $40 in 2019/2020, Smart Traveler Marketing's Travel Advertiser network provides a value-priced model for customer acquisition, affordable to larger and smaller travel suppliers as well as retail agencies and independent agents alike!

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